Why Hire a Public Adjuster?

A Public Adjuster is a state licensed professional who represents the policyholder's interests towards settling their claim.

Policyholders hire public adjusters for:

  1. Understanding a Policy - Policyholders often rely on a Public Adjuster’s knowledge of different policy types and the ability to interpret the policy language to determine the coverage owed to a policyholder for a covered loss.
  2. Representing a Policyholder’s interests: Carriers use their own Adjusters to determine what is or isn't covered by a policy, so to level the playing field, it is recommended that policyholders use a public adjuster to ensure that the carrier upholds their contractual obligations in accordance with the enforced policy at the date and time of loss.
  3. Representation - Public adjusters represent you to your Carrier. When contacted, Public Adjusters are granted legal authority to discuss details of the policy language including the homeowner's rights.  
  4. Second opinion: Often times, Public Adjusters will be hired by a policyholder dissatisfied with the results they have achieved on their own because the carriers appraisal of the covered damages are far below what the replacement cost is.
  5. Time-Consuming - From filing a claim, restoring your property, and reconciling your case, on an average usually takes about 2.5 months. Some Cases, however, can take over a year due to different circumstances such as defending against a Carrier’s delay & denial tactics, case complexity, and/or the weather conditions. A Public Adjuster understands the statutes of limitation & time restraints imposed by a policy, so working efficiently on cases is key to preserving the policyholder’s right to file suit against the Carrier if need be.
  6. Communications - A Public Adjuster is responsible for communicating directly with your Carrier’s adjuster to adjust, supplement, inspect, and negotiate towards settling the claim.  Communications with your municipal code enforcement officers / Building Department representatives are often required in order to verify any ordinances that may be imposed, requiring the outdated structure to be in compliance. These required Ordinances will increase the replacement costs value and negotiated with your Carrier to avoid any unnecessary out of pocket expenses, as long as the coverage is extended by the policy.  
  7. No out of pocket Costs - All fees incurred by most a Public Adjusters are contingent until the carrier agrees to cover the claim. If the carrier agrees to that the claim is covered by the policy, and the policyholder agrees to Luxe Exteriors performing all of the restorations agreed to by the carrier, then all public adjuster

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